Animation and Webdesign, finally.

Finally, it was time to import all my illustrations into Adobe After Effects. I chose to animate in an uncluttered style, carrying the modern simplicity through the entire design and developing a corporate identity. Nonetheless the imagery still had to be interesting to look at and immediately understandable.

I also wanted to include a voiceover into the video. Fortunately, a helpful family-friend of mine, Daniel Ludwig, has a recording studio in his basement. Because I was unsure about downloading copyright-free music, Simone Ludwig, Daniel‘s musically talented wife, quickly composed a background track and kindly allowed me to use it for my project.

For the website, I was initially planning to create screen designs in Adobe InDesign. Due to the lack of interactive features, it was not possible to get the full potential out of the layout though. Therefore the website I designed is actually accessible for invited users, because I decided to build it via Via the web editor I had the opportunity to incorporate parallax effects which makes the user experience more interactive. It also provides a more natural scrolling effect and it matches the fluidity of the flow of water. Also I was able to integrate my animations seamlessly into the layout, which obviously are the main part of the whole concept.