Getting started to start

Picking a topic for a project is hard. Getting started on said project is even harder.

To be honest, the week after the first weekend in Vienna was over- and underwhelming at once. I was very overwhelmed by the amount of information on upcoming tasks and deadlines and by trying to chose a topic for my first project. At the same time though, the amount of actual, visual progress I made was quite underwhelming.

Concept development is going to be the main subject for this first trimester. The only real "guideline" regarding the topic is to pick a socially critical issue and think of a related message you want to transport to an audience.

So - I chose the problem of fur farming since I have been wanting to learn more about the industry and ways to stop its barbaric methods of slaughtering millions of animals annually. I wanted to create a series of illustrations where I would flip the roles between human a animal. For example, drawing a fox wearing a human skin as a scarf just like some people wear mink fur; or a cow wearing a human skin-toned leather jacket. Well, I am still confident about this idea but I also came to the conclusion that I would need more time to develop it further. I still haven't found images. that would be clear enough for the observer to understand that it is human leather and not just a "normal" pink leather jacket the cow would be wearing.

Consequently, I had to find a new topic for the first Creative Journal. Since I just recently read articles about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and was shocked by the extreme statistics and numbers I saw, I found it to be another very interesting matter I want to raise awareness for. Up to now, I am still trying to find a way to approach this subject but I think I want to create an animation. That way, I could still incorporate illustration in my portfolio as I want to later find a job which somehow includes illustrative work. However, I did start to plan a little storyboard and different ideas for an explanatory animation.